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Why study in Sweden from Bangladesh?

With a population of around 9.5 million people, Sweden is the third-largest nation in the European Union by area. It is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe that shares borders with Norway and Finland. Although Swedish is their native language, more than half of the population is fluent in English. Sweden has been at peace since 1905, with an official policy of neutrality in international affairs. Sweden celebrated 200 years of peace in 2014, breaking even Switzerland’s peace record. Sweden was technically neutral during both World Wars and the Cold War, although Sweden has openly pushed toward NATO collaboration since 2009. It also has the world’s eleventh highest per capital income and rates extremely high in terms of quality of life, health, education, civil rights protection, economic competitiveness, income equality, gender equality, prosperity, and human development. Sweden welcomed over 13,000 exchange students prior to the pandemic, which plummeted by more than half, falling below 6,000 in the academic year 2020/21; however, it has been rising again since 2021/22. Not only that, but eight of their institutions are ranked in the top 400 in the QS World Ranking, and ten are ranked in the top 400 in THE Ranking.

Swedish Education System –

Sweden, like every other nation, has a variety of schools, colleges, universities, and educational institutions. The Swedish National Qualifications Framework (SeQF) and the National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education are the two Swedish Qualifications frameworks. Levels in the frameworks are analogous to levels in the European reference frameworks, the EQF and the QF-EHEA. They provide Diploma, Associates Bachelor’s, Master’s Degree, and PhD programs at levels 6, 7 and 7 of 1-8 in both SeQF and EQF, as well as levels 1-3 in Bologna.

Sweden Subjects –

Swedish education emphasizes on both practical and research-based learning approaches, with students putting all of the concepts and ideas they learn in class into practice. Some of the most difficult disciplines in Sweden are robotics and control, Molecular Biology, Computational Physics, Advanced Biomedicine, Computing Science, Sustainable Architecture, Ecology, Aviation, Engineering, Chemistry, Automation and Robotics, Environment Science, Political Science, Behavioral Science & Infection, Neurobiology, and Genetics. 

Universities you can study –

Listed below are some of the universities that we represent:
⩥ University of Gothenburg
⩥ Chalmers University of Technology
⩥ Halmstad University
⩥ Kristianstad University
⩥ Linkoping University
⩥ Linnaeus University
⩥ Lund University
⩥ Malmo University
⩥ Stockholm University
⩥ Umea University
⩥ University of Boras
⩥ Uppsala University
⩥ Karlstad University

Study Cost in Sweden –

Tuition expenses in Sweden typically vary between SEK 80,000 and SEK 150,000 per year, however this varies depending on the university, program, and degree. International students can apply for a variety of scholarships at Swedish institutions.

Living Cost in Sweden –

International students require around 8,500 to 15,000 SEK per month to cover all of their living expenditures, including housing, food, and social activities. The monthly public transportation pass for students’ costs between 465 and 620 SEK, depending on the city.

Job Facilities in Sweden –

Accepted students have no time limit on work hours. Students holding a residency permit may work full-time in addition to studying. A post-study work visa will provide an individual a job-seeking visa for a minimum of six months following the conclusion of their studies. You will be able to obtain a work permit visa after completing 60 credits (equal to one year of study) and, as a result, a permanent residency permit after four years. You can apply with your spouse, who will get full time work permit and university education for free.

Entry Requirements for Bangladeshi Students –

Bachelor’s/undergraduate studies: Have finished upper secondary (high school) with a GPA of 4 / A – Level / Equivalent.
The student must have completed mathematical classes in HSC.
IELTS Academic Test (minimum score of 6.5), Pearson PTE Academic Test (minimum score of 62). (Writing 61). Students who have finished A level (with English course) will not be required to take any additional English proficiency tests.
Master’s studies: A four-year undergraduate/degree bachelor’s or its equivalent.
Bachelor Transcripts must be delivered directly from the passing university to the Admission committee in a sealed envelope.
Few programs allow English as a medium of instruction for students who have obtained an MBBS or Bachelor’s degree in English.


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