University for the Creative Arts (UCA)


The University for the creative arts was built as a home for an unique community of students, artists and academics using creativity to make the world a better place. If we know one thing about choosing a university, it’s that you’ve got to go wherever feels right for you. So how can you find out if that’s UCA?


The university for the creative arts was founded in 2005 with the moto ‘Great art changes perspectives. Great design changes lives’. The sole driving force behind the  establishment of such institution was to create a home for the artists and the creative ones. Since then this institution has been serving as the best and number one institution for the learners of design, arts, lifestyle and creativity. With the goal to reach maximum learners of design, arts, lifestyle and creativity total four campuses have been built. First at Canterbury, Epsom, Farnham and Rochester respectively. All the four campuses are not very far from the main London city. The average time that will take to reach London from all the campuses is around 30 to 45 minutes.


UCA provides such courses, through whichyou won’t just gain the skills to make show-stopping work and build a creative career. You’ll learn how to use your talents to shape the future, and take your place in a creative community that’s rewriting the script. UCA a provides courses relating to fashion, music, architecture, interior design, film making, graphics design, performing arts, photography, business and many more. UCA reached the top #1 university in the UK with their enriched, distinctive and cutting-edge programs.


Low tuition and low admission requirement is another feature to find UCA as a convenient uni. Students around the world spends only 11850-16800 GBR/year (from foundation studies to post grad studies)  with up to 50% scholarship. For admission an international student just needs to score IELTS 6.0/5.5 for most of the programs.


Creativity is the energy that drives everyone at UCA to invent, explore and collaborate. When you study at UCA, you’ll get the opportunity to immerse yourself in an unrivalled creative vibe, find your own style and create the extraordinary.


  • Providing creative education for 160 years
  • The 2nd largest provider of creative education in Europe
  • Based in scenic Surrey and Kent, we have campuses in Canterbury, Epsom, Farnham and Rochester
  • Provide pre-degree, undergraduate and postgraduate education to the next generation of creatives
  • Business School for the Creative Industries is the first of its kind in the UK.

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Foundation, Bachelor, Masters, PGD, Ph.D

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