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Crandall University

Crandall University is an independent university located in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Crandall is home from sixteen different countries. Moncton Has a Reputation for Being One of the Best Cities to Live in Canada. It’s a thriving city in the heart of a province filled with natural parks and beaches, the low cost of living and the best opportunity for getting Permanent residents.

Crandall Situated on a picturesque, 200-acre site in beautiful Moncton, New Brunswick, Crandall’s campus offers a welcoming atmosphere, a commitment to students, academic excellence with very Low tuition fees.

Crandall’s exceptional faculty, favourable 13:1 student-to-professor ratio and renowned academic programs (including two new masters’ degree programs) set it apart as a campus students are proud to call home.

🎯 Certificate in Business (International)
🎯 Bachelor of Arts
🎯 Communications
🎯 English
🎯 History
🎯 Interdisciplinary Studies
🎯 Organizational Management
🎯 Psychology
🎯 Religious Studies
🎯 Sociology
🎯 Bachelor of Business Administration
🎯 Bachelor of Education
🎯 Bachelor of Technical Education
🎯 Bachelor of Science
🎯 Biology
🎯 Bachelor of Theology
🎯 Master of Education
🎯 Master of Education in Literacy
🎯 Master of Education in Inclusionary Practices
🎯 Master of Organizational Management

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Crandall University

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Bachelor, Masters, PGD

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