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Toronto School of Management is an innovative college offering a board range of career-focused programs. It’s offering up to 30% scholarship to the students applying this year. All the programs are professional and pathway programs. It provides relevant programs that ensure the students meet the demand of today’s ever-changing job market. From Secondary to Graduate, all candidates can apply for these professional programs with low tuition costs. All students will have Co-op placement in their program of study. This is a paid internship system so students will get paid for the internship. Moreover, students will get career support by attending TSoM job fairs. TSoM’s experienced faculty deliver the highest quality of education, using their expertise to help students to achieve their full potential.

Available Programs-
-Diploma in Business Administration
-Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism
-Diploma in Digital Marketing Specialist
-Diploma in Fundamental Of Hospitality & Tourism
-Diploma in Data Analytics
-Diploma in Cyber Security Specialist.
-Preparation course for ACCA

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Diploma, PGD

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