10 Best Paying Part-time Jobs For Students In Canada

Part-time jobs opportunity and which are better-suited jobs are one of the main inquiries of a person who wants to go for higher study abroad. So we are trying to clear your questions


Any job which is done for money on a short period basis is widely regarded as Part-time job. It is the limited option of full-time work/job. Part-time jobs are mostly favorable for students as they have studied as to their number one priority. Talking about Canada in terms of part-time jobs, it is necessary to say that Canada allows 20 hours a week for students to earn their living expenses besides their education and learning activities. On the other hand, during the semester breaks or vacations students have the option to work full time and it is absolutely legal.

Annual earning range part-time jobs for students:

Canada is full of opportunities and a convenient lifestyle. In a study, it has been shown that in Canada an international student can earn $34,774 (approx.) annually through part-time jobs besides their studies which are $17.83 per hour. So in a word, Canada can be called a ‘part-time job heaven’. Most of the students from Bangladesh who chooses to go abroad for higher studies cannot afford living expenses every month since most of them belong to a middle-class family. So particularly for survival, they need flexible options to earn. In the long semester breaks or vacations, an international student can earn and save at least 6000 to 8000 CAD which can be used for the upcoming semester’s tuition. Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Quebec are the most popular city in Canada where it is pretty easy to find a part-time job and based on student skills the employers fix salary which ranges from CAD $10- $22 per hour. And Federal minimum wage will be $15 per hour, come into effect from December 29, 2021. Working places & options: In Canada, students have the opportunity to work on-campus & off-campus. There are quite a few Universities & colleges in Canada which has the on-campus part-time work option and it serves very convenient for students. Another working option for students while continuing their program of study is the co-op or paid internship option. Through this option, the students can receive both income and work experience. But the co-op option is a part of the program so for the co-op option a student must choose a program of study which has co-op included.

Networking, secrete of getting part-time/full-time jobs:

Networking helps students to get a part-time or full-time job while studying and after completing studies abroad. Once a student arrives at the campus his/her networking starts. The sooner a student can start good networking the sooner he or she can secure a job for survival. The network a student grows during his/her study and part-time work period can play a vital role after his/her graduation especially in the case of securing a full-time.
Time Management: Good time management skills help students to prioritize their tasks. As an international student studying abroad has to take care of multiple tasks at a time. The students must balance all the tasks such as classes, assignments, create income sources for living through part-time jobs, managing food and accommodation stuff and last but not the building a good relation with classmates and roommates. Besides that, he or she must find some time for own self for relaxation. So students have to balance each and everything in a proper way to survive and achieve the ultimate goal.

Getting exposure in the job field and understanding the value of money:

Most of the student’s tuition fees are paid by their sponsor. This is why students are yet unknown about the value and importance of money. Part-time jobs actually help the students to take their own responsibility. Part-time jobs also expose the students to the job field as well which is another crucial role of part-time jobs. It is expected that students who do part-time jobs during their study can earn their living costs, tuition fees which makes them self-confident, more independent and also create awareness regarding the proper use of Money.

Figuring out interest:

By getting involved in different types of part-time jobs, a student gets the opportunity to explore and gain experience practically. When they start their journey in a new job they get various types of experience and as a result of which they easily figure out strength, weakness and point of interest and also which field of work she can make permanent. It can be said undoubtedly that these short term work experiences can play a vital role in a student’s career especially establishing oneself in the professional journey


  1. Campus ambassadors:
    Campus Ambassadors act as the connection between the company and their university. They create a connection between the companies and the campus. Joining as a campus ambassador one can provide students special access to events, conferences, etc. organized by the company & helps students to gain skills like team management, event organization, public speaking, social media, content writing and promotion, and various other technical skills.
  2. On-campus employment:
    On-campus employment includes teaching or research assistant as, university librarian, canteen salesman, dormitory dining assistant, laboratories, and administrative assistant etc. Through On-campus employment, students get a better option to create a better relationship with teachers, students, and other subordinates of their university.
  3. Freelancing:
    A freelancing job is one where a person works for themselves, rather than for a company. As an international student, a student can also do freelancing. Available freelancing jobs are Writing and Copywriting, Creative Design, Sales and Marketing, Graphic Designing, Mobile App Development., Search Engine Optimization or SEO, SEM, etc. where a student can earn (14 – 50CAD) per work. The best part of this category of job is the student do need to maintain a fixed routine and can accomplish sitting anywhere.
  4. Restaurants and Bar shop:
    The most available part-time job abroad for international students is jobs in bars, restaurants, and cafes in the surrounding towns and cities, and it is the easiest way to earn money with flexibility. Students can do jobs as a Cashier, Executive Chef, Pastry Chef, Fast-Food Cook, Kitchen Manager, Expediter, Baristas, Server, Dishwasher in the world’s finest restaurants also have the opportunity to earn (15-18 CAD ) per hour. 
  5. Hotel jobs in Canada:
    Canada has beautiful tourist places like Niagara Falls, Banff National Park, the Rocky Mountains, Lake Louise, and Toronto’s CN Tower, Old Quebec, etc. As a result, every year 22.1 million travelers come to visit Canada according to Statistics Canada 2019. Students have a huge demand to join in entry-level to mid-level jobs in hotels, restaurants, and resorts throughout the country.
  6. Sales Assistant:
    Big cities in Canada like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary have various types of shops like Book stores, Clothing stores, Furniture stores, Shoe stores, Convenience stores, Department stores, Electronics stores, Grocery stores, etc. where student have the scope to do part-time jobs to increase their communication skills, product knowledge and earn (17-20 CAD) per hour.
  7. Customer Service Assistant:
    The activities of a customer service assistant include answering customer inquiries, giving information and helping to solve customer problems, selling products and taking orders, arranging services for customers, processing complaints, and so on. Proficiency in English and good computer knowledge is a must for this knowledge
  8. Driver/ Delivery Driver:
    In Canada, international students can work as a driver, a delivery driver in Courier services, E-commerce services, Food delivery apps like Door Dash, Tim Horton’s, HelloFresh, Good food, Uber, etc. Students have the opportunity to earn 20 CAD in one hour.
  9. Programmes or Event Facilitator:
    Event Planners are a highly demanded across Canada. Programs like workshops, training, community service, outings/ field trip exposures/ tours, projects and presentations, birthday parties, wedding planners, and more are organized by the event planner. Student who gets good experience in this field can secure easily a Canadian Permanent Residency either with or without a job offer.
  10. Call Center Jobs:
    Canada offers excellent options for inbound and outbound services like customer support and lead generation. Canadian contact centers are some of the best in the world and offer exceptional service with virtually no cultural or language barriers. As a Call Center Representative or Call Center Agent students handle many inbound and outbound calls to and from customers, listen to customers’ needs and provide helpful solutions to their problems.

Other than these above-mentioned jobs, international students also have the opportunity to work as a painter, camp counselor, Dog Walker, Nanny festival coordinator, and so on. Finding out a part-time job is quite easy in Canada but students have to keep the mentality to work hard here.

Now if this convinces you to choose Canada as your higher education destination you can check the complete process of study in Canada and then get your free assessment.

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