10 Best Online jobs for students in the UK

Online jobs for students in the UK

With the pandemic and digitalization, online jobs are high in demand for both employers and employees. It saves time, money and resources. But surely you need skills for that job. Here are some Best Online jobs for students in the UK. Attaining a higher education just demonstrates that you can excel in the classroom, not […]

12 Best Online Jobs for Students in Canada

Online Jobs for Students in Canada

At this time in the world, many jobs don’t actually need your physical presence, just need to get the work done online. That’s why online jobs are the solution to a lot of problems and online jobs are pretty much in demand for it. In this article, we explained online jobs for students in Canada. […]

10 Best Paying Part-time Jobs For Students In Canada

Part-time Jobs For Students

Part-time jobs opportunity and which are better-suited jobs are one of the main inquiries of a person who wants to go for higher study abroad. So we are trying to clear your questions WHAT IS A PART-TIME JOB? Any job which is done for money on a short period basis is widely regarded as Part-time […]

25 Undergraduate Scholarships for Bangladesh Students

Scholarships for Bangladesh Students

Are you a Bangladeshi student looking for undergraduate scholarships for Bangladeshi students? Well, we have compiled a list of scholarships for students in Bangladesh that are offered by colleges, universities, governments and institutions. Bangladesh is a nation that is characterized by a great desire for the best of knowledge. They go as far as possible […]

7 speeches will change life of every students

speeches will change life

Words are powerful. A speech can motivate you and change your life’s perspective. Here are 7 motivational speeches from greats on student life that can change your life. Throughout the long term, TED has been sharing good thoughts and catching the human creative mind. Each TED Speaker has somehow impacted us to think towards a […]

How to Get a Post-Study Work Visa in the United Kingdom

Post-Study Work Visa in the United Kingdom

The UK is the second-largest educational center for foreign students, with approx. 400 universities. The best thing to do is to make great interactions with students from a variety of backgrounds. People who experience a whole new world and support their networking. Students are introduced to the various facets of the industry, including marketing, banking, human resources, […]

Convenient Role of Educational Consultancy

role of an educational consultancy

Education has become a resource in the contemporary world. Great quality schooling guarantees a decent and glad existence with a safe future. Today, a contest in the schooling area is colossal and in this interminably multiplying industry, picking the correct way for oneself has become an enormous assignment. Understudies and guardians are befuddled in choosing […]

Approved Financial Institutions for UK Visa Application in Bangladesh

Financial Institutions for UK Visa Application

In case you don’t know, the UK will approve financial statements for visa applications only from the financial institutions that are approved by The Home Office International Operations and Visas. So before you arrange your financial check if this is the approved financial institution here is the list of approved financial institutions in Bangladesh from […]

Complete Process of Study in the UK from Bangladesh in 6 steps

Complete Process of Study in the UK from Bangladesh in 6 steps - WEMS

The UK is one of the world’s leading destinations to study higher education from Bangladesh with more than 500,000 international students enrolling each year. UK higher education degrees and qualifications are recognized by employers and academics worldwide. Going to university in the UK is a great way to expand one’s knowledge. And to achieve you […]

Study in Canada from Bangladesh with Scholarship

study in Canada from Bangladesh with scholarship - WEMS

A Canadian degree, diploma, or certificate is globally acknowledged as being equivalent to USA, UK, and Australian degrees. Worldwide education & migration services – WEMS is the direct representative of more than 20 top-rated Canadian universities in Bangladesh. And we are here to explain the study in Canada from Bangladesh with scholarship.Scholarships in Canada are offered by the Canadian […]

Cost of Study in Canada from Bangladesh

complete cost of study in canada from bangladesh - WEMS

Cost of Study in Canada from Bangladesh is much affordable compare to other countries like UK, USA or Australia. According to the Canadian Bureau for International Education, there are over 642,000 foreign students in Canada and nearly 54,000 international students who already staying after completing their graduation from a university or college in Canada. On a […]

Complete Process : Study in Canada from Bangladesh

study in canada from bangladesh - WEMS

Why Study in Canada from Bangladesh: Canada is a first-rated country in the case of living and also provides a safe, economically stable and multicultural society.   Canada is considered as a home of 21 universities among the top 500 universities of the world. If you are looking for the world’s best study programs, the world’s leading research facilities and […]

First Education Partner Conference in Malaysia


We are one of the four consultancy firms who got the invitation for the first Education Malaysia Partners Conference. Education Malaysia is a part of the Ministry of Education, Malaysia. We have successfully completed collaboration meetings with some of the reputed universities in Malaysia. Later on this, we have visited Asia Pacific University, one of […]

Scholarship Opportunity ($10,000) In Yorkville University, Canada

Scholarship Opportunity ($10,000) In Yorkville University, Canada - WEMS

Yorkville has two locations – Toronto and Vancouver. Programs and Features: To be eligible for the scholarship, you can apply to any of the following programs: • BBA – Project Management @Toronto and Vancouver • BBA — Accounting @Vancouver • BBA – Energy Management @Vancouver • BBA – Supply Chain Management @Vancouver To be admitted […]